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How to Use

Carefully follow the application directions below. Use this reference chart to decide how much Ferti-lome HydroStretch to use.

application reference chart

Potting Directions

New Plants

  • Prep soil to prepare for planting.
  • Before placing plant, consult the chart and use the recommended amount of Fertilome HydroStretch.
  • Distribute recommended amount liberally on the bottom where plant roots will rest.
  • Place plant directly on top of the Fertilome HydroStretch so the roots located at the bottom of plant are in contact with the granules.
  • Fill in the sides with remaining soil and water generously.

Existing Plants

  • Carefully create holes surrounding the plant using a pencil or similar object. Be sure the hole is deep enough to reach the root system. To avoid root damage, do not create holes too close to the center of the root system.
  • Consult the chart above and use the recommended amount.
  • Distribute evenly into holes created and carefully guide your Fertilome HydroStretch to the bottom of each hole created.
  • Cover the top of the holes created with soil and water generously.

Additional product information available at Fertilome.com.

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